Big stack strategy- Tips for playing deep stack poker online

Online poker games with 100 big blinds or greater stacks open up a world of deep stack strategy that differs greatly from short stack play when playing deep, the key lies in using your big stack to apply maximum pressure and leverage over shorter-stacked opponents.

1. Play tight, high-value hands preflop

Avoid spewy, high-variance play with a big stack. Stick to strong, premium value hands preflop like big pairs, AK, AQs, etc. You want to avoid tricky situations and set yourself up to extract value post-flop. Don’t bloat the pot without a clear edge.

2. Bet big when you have it

They are you hit the flop hard with top pair or better, bet aggressively for value. You need to build big pots to utilize your stack. Bet 3/4 to full pot size to force shorter stacks to commit their chips. You have them crushed – make them pay.

3. Pressure short stacks with big cbets

Continuation bet 와우포커 머니상 big after the flop, especially against shorter-stacked opponents. They’ll often fold when facing 40%-60% pot-sized bets if they miss the flop, allowing you to pick up small and medium-sized pots. Don’t let them see cheap turns.

4. Overbeat when way ahead

When you have the nuts or flopped monster hand, go for overbets, betting 1.5 xs to 2x the size of the pot. This applies maximum pressure to control the pot and force shorter stacks to commit their remaining chips. Don’t slow-play monsters.

5. Barrel aggressively when you have it

Double or triple barrel aggressively with strong hands-on wet or draw heavy boards. Shore up a weakness in your hand and charge draws max price to continue. Make your opponent’s call incorrect math-wise if they’re on a draw.

6. Exercise patience pre-flop

Don’t overplay mediocre or speculative hands reflow with a big stack, especially against good opponents. Having 100+ BBs means you comfortably fold marginal hands and wait patiently for genuine value spots suited to deep stacks.

7. Don’t pay off light 3-bets

Against competent opponents, fold down to premium hands when facing 3-bet light tactics designed to steal your big blind antes. Don’t call off 20-30BBs with small pairs or suited connectors. Avoid bloated pots with marginal holdings.

8. Handle post-flop trickier with less

Deep stacked, avoid high-variance situations post-flop with vulnerable holdings like lower sets, two pairs, and weak top pair type hands. You don’t need to stack off 100BBs without the nuts. Be willing to selectively surrender equity.

9. Leverage stack for icm near bubble

In tournaments, leverage your big stack by applying ICM pressure on shorter stacks near the money bubble. Open wide and apply pressure since they’ll be playing overly tight to fold their way into the money. Abuse this.

10. Avoid overvaluing ace-king

Against good players, don’t fall into the trap of overvaluing ace-king preflop with a big stack. It’s a strong hand but vulnerable to domination and flip situations. Don’t pile 100BBs in without considering your opponent’s continuing range strongly.

11. Remain calm playing deep

Deep-stacked play naturally has bigger swings. Don’t go on tilt or play scared due to temporary downswings. Play calmly focused only on making +EV decisions. Don’t get married to any single big pot since there are ample chips left.

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