How to Avoid Getting Your Sports Betting Account Limited?


It is common knowledge in the sports betting industry that online bookmakers set limitations or ban a bettor’s account. They do this to restrict or reduce the maximum amount of bet they can place or the amount of winnings they can get for any Singapore sport bet they place on the platform. 

In a lot of cases, bookmaker limitation or banning is unavoidable, especially for soft bookmakers. Still, there are various ways to protect your account from getting limited by your sportsbook. 

Here are three of the main reasons why an online sports betting website limits your betting account:

Multiple betting accounts

Some sports bettors think that by creating multiple or duplicate accounts, they can take advantage of promotions and rewards and earn more profit. However, doing this can trigger the online sportsbook to limit, ban, or close all their accounts and even penalize them by securing their entire account balance. Online sportsbooks leverage several technologies and processes to determine if users have duplicate accounts. 

Frequent withdrawals

While you can easily deposit and withdraw to and from your betting account, it is recommended to do it strategically. Sportsbooks usually incur banking costs for every transaction you make; hence, if you frequently deposit or withdraw from your sportsbook account, your bookmaker will have to pay considerable amounts for the banking charges of your transactions. 

Like any business, they would not want to spend so much of their budget on such trivial costs – thus, they are highly likely to limit your account to prevent you from making transactions recurrently. 

Hence, it is ideal to limit how often you make withdrawals to avoid having your sportsbook account limited or banned and hindering you from having the best betting experience. 

Ignoring bonuses and promotions

Sportsbooks offer bonuses to entice potential clients to use their platforms when wagering on sports. Accordingly, they offer promotions to existing customers to reward them for their loyalty to the sportsbook. 

But while these may seem as optional, and you may opt to bet without using them, sportsbooks actually monitor how often bettors utilize these rewards when betting. And they can limit you in two possible cases: betting only when you have active bonuses and promotions; and ignoring the rewards. 

Sports betting websites deem punters who abuse or ignore bonus rewards as risks for their businesses. Gambling only when you have active promotions means you are betting just because of the promotions and are unwilling to take risks. 

Consequently, betting without using bonuses and promotions may trigger your sportsbook to flag you as a potential seasoned bettor who do not rely on bonuses and promotions to increase their likelihood of winning a bet. Professional bettors rely on data to make an informed betting decision. 


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