How to play dice Gambling games and which are the famous ones? Read here

Gambling games are some of the most popular games played all across the globe. Besides, there are numerous types of games that are gaining popularity among the players. Dice gambling games are most loved among all and thus there are numerous types of dice games played all across the world. Out of all the dive gambling games, craps is one of the most ancient and loved games. The game has easy rules and is simple to play. Besides, it can be played by multiple members without any restriction. 

The underlying quick guide describes rules and ways to play street craps dice gambling games on the Getmega app. But first, let’s have a quick look at the rules of the game before playing on the Getmega gaming app.

Rules to play Street Craps

Street Craps is one of the simplest versions of the craps game. You don’t need much to play this game. Only a pair of dice and a flat surface will do the job. 

The rules are simple, a shooter is the one who rolls the dice and other players are the wagers who bet on the possibility of the dice. The wagers bet on the particular number before throwing Seven. There are only two bets and the rolls can reach a maximum of four turns. And that’s it for the rules!

The initial stage is to decide the bet by choosing Pass or Don’t Pass. These are only the two types of bets. If a shooter is on a pass, they believe that they can throw the target number before hitting Seven. And Don’t Pass bet implies exactly the opposite. The game continues till the shooter hits the Seven and till then each of the wagers who bet on Pass or Don’t Pass win or lose accordingly. Once the shooter hits Seven, his turn is done and the shooter is changed.  

Besides, when talking about rolling the dice, a boundary wall or table is fixed to make sure the score of the dice is not changed. Also, the body parts of the players or shooters should not touch the dice. Once the dice are rolled and come to halt, the sum of both the dice is checked. If the shooter has thrown Seven or Eleven all the Pass wagers win, while if two or three show up, the Don’t Pass wagers win. Any numbers except the listed ones indicate a point. And the game continues.

Besides, you need to make sure the dice are rolled out on a plain surface to ensure fair play. Also, the game can be modified according to the players and their convenience. This simplified version of the game makes the game easier and understand its development in all aspects. 

Famous Dice Gambling Games

  • Craps: When it comes to dice games, Craps are undoubtedly the king of all. It is the best dice gambling game with multiple betting options and great winning chances. Craps may seem to be one of the most complex games on the casino table but aren’t scary and you can easily try your luck out on this. 
  • Hazard: Hazard can be called the ancient version of craps that people used to play and enjoy during the era of the Fourteenth Century. It is thought to be of Arabic origins and the game drew crowds in the gambling rooms around Western Europe. 
  • Chuck-A-Luck: The game has a history of Australian origin. The game uses three dice that are rolled in a cage or many times in a horn-shaped chute. In this game, the players bet on the number that might come up on each dice.  
  • Sic Bo: A popular Asian dice gambling game that is played with three dice on a table where the player makes their bets. The game has many variants and Chuck-A-Luck is one of the most familiar variants of this game.
  • Klondike: A popular dice gambling game that was popular in Frontier America. The game is played with 5 dice and each dice is 6 sided like a poker dice. The objective of the game is to play a better hand than the banker to win the game. 

It was all about the famous dice gambling games played in different parts of the world and that are popular due to their unique type of playing on trusted gaming sites like Getmega.

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