The Rise of Esports Betting

The rise of eSports has a lot to do with the digital revolution. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, people can now bet on games through their mobile devices. This allows gamblers to see a real-time map schematic of the match. They can also see where the players are moving. With this information, they can formulate a more efficient betting strategy.

The first game that drew attention to eSports was Counter-Strike. This was the first title to bring in millions of players. In 2012, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update introduced skins. Initially, skins were sold on third-party sites and were not regulated. it created an underground economy. So, the industry had to reform the process to legalize eSports gambling.

With the digital nature of eSports, it is now possible for gambling operators to obtain official rights-held data from the source. It is done through automated data extraction technology. In addition, the ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) works to investigate potential issues. It helps esports stakeholders ensure that they are complying with regulations.

Sports Betting vs Esports Betting

Whether you bet on traditional sports like Singapore pools football or esports, the two industries differ in many ways. However, they have similar concepts, such as the need for in-depth knowledge and strategy-driven betting. Some bettors even employ matched betting to cover the potential outcomes of different events.

In addition, esports and traditional sports have similarities in the physicality of the games. Traditional sports are played physically and have a well-developed event schedule, promotional campaigns, and game results like Singapore horse result. While esports are also played physically, they are digitalized. And since esports are virtual, you do not need to travel as you can bet from your home.

Both conventional and esports bettors need to have a good knowledge of both games and their respective leagues. If you want to shift from traditional sports betting to esports, identify those top esports games with the highest paying odds. 

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