What is Singapore Pools?

Many gamblers love to play blackjack online and baccarat in Singapore, but they might also want to start betting on sports events, including the English Premier League. Singaporean bettors have the choice to bet on foreign sportsbooks or through Singapore Pools.

Singapore Pools is the only legal lottery subsidiary company in Singapore that serves to counter illegal betting in the country. Singapore Pools offers a safe and trusted avenue for people to gamble so they won’t have to gamble through common gaming houses. As such, it is also offering a venue to bet on sports.

Singapore Pools currently offers Singaporean bettors a limited number of betting options. They are lotteries, sports betting, and remote gambling. These options are available for bettors, so they won’t have to bet through online casinos or sportsbooks.

Singapore Pools also offers horse racing as it has taken over betting operations from Singapore Turf Club.

Online bettors can effectively play the lottery and bet on sports online, even horse races, without ever needing to register in a foreign casino or sportsbook. However, sports bettors might still prefer to bet on foreign sportsbooks.

A foreign sportsbook is typically different from Singapore Pools, mainly on the number of games available for betting and the betting markets offered. The limited offerings that Singapore Pools has may seem lacklustre when compared to what foreign sportsbooks typically offer.

Online casinos that double as sports betting websites also typically offer bonuses and promotions that Singapore Pools does not. Besides more availability and promos, younger gamblers can bet through foreign sportsbooks since they typically allow 18-year-olds to start betting while Singapore Pools only allow 21 and up.

Betting through online casinos and foreign casinos may be illegal, but the betting sites themselves are not violating any laws, and the only ones at risk are the bettors themselves. When betting through an online casino, bettors should keep it private and avoid announcing it to people.

For more information on what Singapore Pools is, see this infographic by CM2Bet.


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